Sunday, 28 October 2012

It's NOT Soccer - Ep.8 : Coconut Man, Moonheads and Pete?

Episode Eight - Coconut Man, Moonheads and Pete?

It's NOT Soccer! Join Adam ( @BarkerPodcasts ) and Billy ( @Bilo66 ) as they sit down to discuss all things Sports related and more! Not a Sports Fan? well Believe me, you won't feel left out!

In This Episode Adam and Billy sit down to record something whilst This Podcast goes through a Transitional period. The Two sit down to clear up what this Podcast is about. Is it about Sport? The Two sit and discuss the future developments, Jessie J's alarm tone, Racism in Football is boring, Billy cooks a fry up, Twitter people teach Billy how to cook, Adam misses the Olympics, Victoria Pendleton and Hand Egg comes to Wembley!

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